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Established in 2009, AEOM PR is a boutique publicity/multi-media firm specialized in the intersection of entertainment public relations and brand communications. AEOM is a fully integrated agency which takes a creative approach when addressing client’s goals as they relate to media, marketing and communications.

At AEOM we believe our client’s success is our success. Our mission is simple, to help our clients realize their vision. We have the power, skill and resources to develop a dynamic plan for a career, a business, a product or a brand.


Entertainment Public Relations

AEOM PR, From A-list celebrities to lifestyle experts, to music industry professionals, actors/actresses, athletes, business moguls, makeup artists, fashion designers , models, bloggers, gourmet chefs, and more. AEOM PR opens a world of connections to our clients. Our team has helped brands, products, issues and causes generate tremendous visibility through association with influencers.

Music Administration

Our highly trained Music Administrator, has many years of industry experience. Administration, licensing, and royalty collection services is available to independent music publishers, songwriters, producers, record companies and artists. Rates: Contact us for pricing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

Film / Television

Film, Television, Film Festivals, Actors/Actresses, Filmmakers, Art, Internet Shows, Production Companies and Live Theater. AEOM PR implements campaigns for studios and independent productions both domestically and internationally. Well thought out publicity and marketing campaigns are available.

Press & Media

AEOM PR gives you access to all of the industry's top publishers, editors and journalists in print, broadcast and the Internet. We look at the big picture and help you integrate all of your public relations needs.

AEOM PR helps you analyze your public relations, sponsorship and marketing goals, and provides a focused approach to target your audience. AEOM PR strategically structures your public relations campaign and publicity programs for success.

Radio Broadcasting

As part of your campaign, we investigate internet and mainstream radio stations that spin your genre of music and submit your music to the appropriate stations in digital form or CD format. Your music can then reach millions of people throughout the world, thanks to the scope of internet and radio broadcasts.


Allow AEOM PR to create a customized promotion plan for you and your book. Proven success and experience in Branding, Media Interviews, Social Media Marketing, Awards Nominations and Endorsements.


AEOM PR has tailored its PR talent towards tech and tech startups has created a portfolio of clients who have been featured on top tech publications, mentioned as an industry expert, or has received help with blog content we can do it all.

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